5 Real Tips For Real Estate Marketing

1. Use video within your company. Use video to reveal your showings, your company culture, and most of all sell yourself. People enjoy being around fun, energetic people that are loving their life. If you upload videos to your social sites and websites periodically this will show your clients and prospects that you are enjoying your time working in the Real Estate industry.

2. Be Active on Social Media Platforms. Do you have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest? These are four excellent platforms for members working in the Real Estate industry. You can reveal your personal interests and find articles that your clients and prospects will enjoy. Besides doing that you can also show and reveal your listings and different trends within the industry.

3. Create and Use Your company website. If you don’t have a website to show off your listings and company culture. You need to get one, you unfortunately are behind times. No worries if you are looking to get one give us a contact at Midwest Business Consultants. Anyways if you do have a website, how frequently are you updating your website. What quality images are you using within your website. Your visitors and clients will notice these items when visiting your website.

 4. Keep in contact. Once you have made a sale with someone you should allocate a small budget aside to keep sending them Christmas cards, birthday cards or other periodic cards that show you care about them. They will pay it forward in the long-run by recommending your services to friends and family or by using you again in the future when they purchase more property or want to move to a new location.

5. Network. in today’s society it is hard to say what is the king of marketing and PR, but networking among other individuals will find you excellent returns. Networking enables word-of-mouth to travel rapidly throughout a specific network that you have been mingling in. Make yourself known in the community and area surrounding you. People will develop trust and respect for you and will in-turn lead to more opportunities that you may have never knew about.