Modern Photography in Today’s Real Estate Industry

Are you using photography to display your listings? Of course you are… why would I even ask that question. The real question is how effective are you with shooting your real estate photos?

Within this article, I have several photos to take a look at for examples of good quality shots. At the end of the day the photo should make an emotional presence and tell the listing seekers that they are craving to purchase or even look at the listing. Poor quality photos lead to a drastically less amount of leads.

1. Use lighting to brighten up your listing














2. Use an SLR Camera for high quality shots.

Image result for real estate photography

3. Use natural lighting with windows.

Related image

4. Take photos with a blue sky in the background. Everyone enjoys a good day outside!

Image result for real estate photography daylight

5. Try taking a couple HDR photos within your photos you reveal to your clients!